frequently asked questions

Q: Who created Intellicure?

A: Intellicure was created by David Walker and Dr. Caroline Fife who knew there had to be a solution to the long hours of charting and inconsistences in documentation that plagued wound care and hyperbaric clinics. With David's background in hyperbarics and Dr. Fife's experience in running a wound care clinic, IntelliTrak and HyperTrak were born.

Q: What products and services do you offer?

A: Intellicure offers IntelliTrak, Certified Intellicure EHR™, HyperTrak, OrderTrak, ePrescribing, numerous HL7 Interfaces, Quality Reporting, and Medical Quality Management.

Q: What is the Intellicure EHR?

A: The Intellicure EHR is a point of service, electronic medical record software designed for wound care and hyperbaric medicine. Charting is done in the exam room with the patient present. Working overtime to finish charting will be a thing of the past. With Intellicure EHR, you are able to chart patient's full history, document multiple wounds, perform a full review of systems, and schedule patients at the bedside quickly.

Q: How are you different from other EHR providers?

A: The main difference lies in our behind the scenes culture. Intellicure was started by wound care professionals with the goal of having a software tool to make clinics as efficient, profitable and compliant as possible. Other companies were created by software engineers who decided to get into wound care.

Q: If you could tell me your greatest feature, what would it be?

A: Intellicure's greatest feature is our Automated Facility and Physician Billing feature. This confirms that your facility meets all compliance requirements at the time of service.

Q: Do you offer EHR training?

A: Intellicure offers multiple training opportunities. Beyond training, we provide knowledge. We want you to get the most out of what our software has to offer, not because our software is difficult to use, but because running a wound clinic is hard, complex work. Adding a computer to the situation without the proper training doesn't make the process easier, it just makes it faster. Our three step approach to training will help, and prepare, you for a successful implementation.

Q: What are the 3 steps involved with training?

A: IntelliCamp, on-site/go-live training, and access to Intellicure Members Portal.

Q: What is IntelliCamp?

A: IntelliCamp is a 3 day training course at the Intellicure offices in The Woodlands, Texas. This individual provider training will give the manager an understanding of how Intellicure will assist with proper use of the software, how your clinic will become compliant, and most importantly provide you with hands on software training.

Q: What is the Intellicure Members Portal?

A: Intellicure Members Portal is just one more way we support you. It is an online educational tool that provides clinics with easy access to training videos, information about changes in the market, and Intellicure news.

Q: What if I have a question that needs to be answered right away?

A: Intellicure's award winning Customer Service Team is available to answer questions during normal clinic operating hours. We have the ability to shadow your screen and resolve any arising issues quickly.

Q: Why is Meaningful Use important?

A: Meaningful use is about more than meeting government requirements. It's about being a meaningful user of your software. To us, it's about making sure our clients are completely comfortable and productive using their EMR and getting the results they want and need. Focusing on meaningful use has been our core, long before it was on the healthcare radar. Our software automatically enforces compliance while you document at the point of care, not after the fact.

Q: What is the difference between IntelliTrak and Certified Intellicure EHR™?

A: Our Certified EHR means that physicians and facilities can meet the federal guidelines for meaningful use of a certified EHR, and qualify for bonus money.

Q: Do I have to have the Certified EHR?

A: No, every situation is different, so we have given you the power of choice. We do believe there is a compelling argument for Intellicure Certified EHR™, it's not just a pretty label on the same old thing, and there are various new features that can only be found in the certified version. We spent 24 months and nearly $1 million bringing the certified product to market, because we feel it's important to get the absolute best out of your EHR. It's also important to note that IntelliTrak will not support ICD-10.

Q: Can you interface or integrate with our hospital system?

A: Absolutely, as long as the system has HL7 capability, we can provide interfacing that covers registration integration, documentation or results return, and financials return (for both technical and professional charges). To date there has not been one hospital system that we have been unable to interface with.

Q: What types of interfacing do you offer?

A: Intellicure offers a Registration/Demographics Interface (ADT), Facility & Physician Billing Interface (DFT), Documents/Results Interface (MDM, ORU, COLD), Orders Interface (ORU bi-directional), Scheduling Interface, and Lab Interfaces.

Q: How does Intellicure calculate the level of service for the facility and the physician?

A: Intellicure automatically and internally calculates the level of service as the clinician is documenting. When the clinician signs off, it informs them what level of service the documentation will support for both the facility and the physician. This feature drives 100% compliance because the calculations are abstracted from the documentation entered, not by the clinician picking the codes.

Q: I'm ready to implement Intellicure EHR into my clinic. How does the process work?

A: Your clinic will have a dedicated Implementation Specialist and an expert Intellicure EHR Trainer working together with you to provide solutions to make your go-live successful. Our team understands the complexity of running a real-world wound care clinic just like yours and will ensure a smooth transition.

Q: Will using an electronic health record really improve my workflow?

A: Absolutely. Working overtime and chasing charts will be a thing of the past. By using Intellicure EHR you will have the ability to sign off on the patient chart while the patient is still in the room. Our point and click technology is much faster and will increase efficiency.

Q: How can I be sure that Intellicure EHR is right for my clinic?

A: With the impending Meaningful Use requirements you can be sure that Intellicure provides you the tools you need to run your clinic efficiently while being compliant and profitable. With our software you don't have to spend time chasing charts and worrying about RAC Auditors. We also offer a Return on Investment calculator to ensure you are getting all you need from your EHR. Ask your Intellicure Sales Representative about this during your online demonstration.